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​Our expert water leak detection team are here to attend to any water related leaks, promptly and competently!

Hidden water leaks can be a major source of stress for any home or business. They can go unnoticed for long periods of time, which can cost a lot of money; and more  seriously they can result in structural damage through settlement.

Using state-of-the-art electronic detection equipment, Leaky Pete is able to quickly, effectively and accurately locate all manner of water leaks in pipes whether they are exposed, hidden or even buried.

We routinely assist plumbers, real estate agents, insurance companies and the general public.

Our Services

  • Internal burst Pipes & Water Mains

  • Water AuditsWater Loss Analysis

  • Electro-Accoustic Water Leak Detection

  • Thermographic Inspection Camera

  • Extensive experience in residential and commercial electronic water leak detection

  • Fast, professional and reliable service

  • Strong and independent focus on leak detection NOT repair

  • We will locate and expose the leak and prepare suitable access in readiness for repair by a qualified plumber

  • Very competitive rates

  • Coverage over Perth Metro area

13 Years Experience and Fully Insured

​Our expert leak detection team are there to source and expose your leak, promptly and competently!

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