Locating water leaks in pipes, behind bathroom walls and under concrete slabs can be difficult, expensive and costly and result in hours of unnecessary digging.

Don’t waste time and money looking for leaks – call Leaky Pete!

We have the most advanced electro-acoustic leak detection equipment, heat sensing equipment, borescopes (for viewing inside walls and cavities), and pipe pressure testing equipment to get the job done fast.

We locate and expose leaks and prepare suitable access in readiness for repair.

Residential & Commercial

A hidden water leak could be costing you thousands of litres of water each week.

If you suspect you’ve got a leak, check your water meter.  Wait 30 minutes then check your meter again. If you haven’t used any water in that time but your meter has changed, chances are you have a leak and you need to call Leaky Pete. We can identify your leak quickly. In fact, many of our clients are plumbers – they use our services to save time and money.

With many years’ experience in the industry, Leaky Pete offers a range of leak detection services. Our technicians can find:

  • Water leaks
  • The source of unexplained moisture
  • Leaks and pipes under concrete slabs, driveways, and behind retaining walls
  • Mains water pipes

If you’ve got a leak don’t waste valuable time and money, call Leaky Pete. We’re available 24 hours a day.